Passion for Timber

Mission statement
of the Pfeifer Group

  • We are a leading wood-processing company in Middle Europe.
  • We are a third-generation family run business.
  • We protect our autonomy with innovation and growth.
  • Quality and customer satisfaction are central to our enterprise.
  • Motivated employees form the base for our success.
  • We have clear decision and management structures.
  • Our goal as leading wood-processing company is to grow on the international markets together with our clients.
  • We want to remain an autonomous family business.
  • In order to reach our goals and protect the company we must continue to have economic success.
  • We want our products to lead the market, have the highest quality and be economic for our customers.
  • We are open to innovation and always consider both risks and opportunities.
  • We want to enhance and protect the supply of raw materials.
  • We want to create a motivating work environment and support the talents of our employees.
  • We are at the service of future generations and our actions are founded on sustainability and careful handling of resources.
  • We expect professional expertise and behavior, honesty, fairness, teamwork and responsibility from our employees.
  • We are reliable partners to our clients and suppliers.
  • The company ‘s wellbeing comes before individual interests.
  • We respect people, the environment, laws and regulations. Professionalism and planned strategies determine our actions.
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