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Pallet blocks from EUROBLOCK – a sustainable product

The plants in Unterbernbach, Lauterbach and Uelzen are so-called "integrated plants". That means that the production takes place at a sawmill and guarantees 100% utilisation of the wood as a valuable raw material and a full value-adding circle from log wood to end product.

This leads to decisive advantages:

  • Ideal logistics: the raw material for production is available directly on site, therefore less transportation.
  • Virtually 100% utilisation of the "waste heat" from the power plants at the site and therefore independence from price increases for fossil fuels

100% utilization

Grafik Holzverwertung

The consistent use of waste sawmill products and recycled wood spares 1.5 million trees from being felled.

Euroblock places great value on a closed value-adding circle in order to remain a competitive company. 100% waste sawmill products are used at Euroblock's integrated sites as a base material for production. Presswood specifically uses recycled material at the other sites, which in turn results in less use of valuable log wood.

Raw materials

Verwertung von Holz Grafik

Pallet blocks: the base materials are natural pine wood and processed wood chippings. Forming the glued chippings at high pressure and high temperature results in a homogeneous, high-quality wood material. Pallet blocks combined with the advanages of planks made from grown wood (bending and elasticity) make for ideal pallets.

EUROBLOCK pallet blocks are manufactured in accordance with strict quality criteria; production is monitored by SGS-ControllCo. Superior product and application advantages have secured EUROBLOCK pallet blocks certification by EPAL, and major rental pools.


PEFC certification

Production at EUROBLOCK is continuously monitored by independent institutes. All products are manufactured in accordance with specified criteria. Furthermore, EUROBLOCK products are also PEFC certified.

You can find the certificates here in the download area.

The base material for the production of pallet blocks stems from sustainably managed forests. All blocks are PEFC certified. PEFC is a transparent and independent system for securing sustainable forest management and therefore a kind of global "Forest TÜV". PEFC stands for "Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes".


Unterbernbach, Uelzen und Lauterbach



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