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Block by block guaranteed controlled

Composite pallet block from EUROBLOCK are manufactured according to the strictest quality criteria and are thoroughly tested before they leave the factory. In addition to permanent internal quality control in our own laboratories, the product is also SGS-tested. Because only a 100 percent perfect block is a block that makes its way around the world.

Block production starts with the right material. EUROBLOCK uses sawmill residues from sustainable forestry and recycled wood of categories AI and AII. Both are first given the right chip geometry in the production process and are technically dried to a wood moisture content of less than 5 percent. Coarse and fine chips are then glued, mixed and pressed into a stable continuous strand in a specially developed process. Finally, they are cut to the required log height, pressed into dies in a forming cycle and gently cooled.

Following this process, well over 1 million m³ of EUROBLOCK pallet blocks come off the production line annually at a total of 4 production sites in Germany and the Netherlands.

Industrial production using state-of-the-art technology guarantees consistently high quality standards - an indispensable prerequisite for the blocks to keep the global merchandise economy going as a component of wooden pallets.

Defined internal quality and process monitoring

In order to continuously guarantee high quality, EUROBLOCK relies on seamless monitoring throughout the entire production process. In-house employees measure the amount of chips used online and continuously check the mixing ratio, the moisture content and the chip size and structure. The amount of glue used and pressing parameters are also permanently monitored.

"We don't just randomly check the pallet blocks, but measure each individual block for density, weight, and height, and subject it to a visual inspection during cooling. Anything that doesn't fit is automatically sorted out," explains Markus Kreutmayr, International Sales Manager at EUROBLOCK.

Quality parameters such as density, surface, nail pull-out resistance, water absorption, swelling and transverse tensile strength are tested during internal inspections in our own laboratories and are SGS-certified. In addition, the blocks are also tested by recognized external testing agencies.

Approvals for exchange and rental pools

Due to their outstanding product and application advantages, EUROBLOCK pallet blocks comply with the specifications of established pooling systems. Thus, the seal of the European Pallet Association (EPAL) allows the use of the blocks for the construction of pallets circulating in the largest open pallet pool in Europe. In addition to the EPAL approval, EUROBLOCK is considered an important producer for the closed pooling system CHEP and is used by large end users.

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Big players in the chemical industry such as BASF, Bayer, Exxon Mobile, Merck and Wacker rely on quality made by EUROBLOCK, as does the automotive sector with Audi, BMW, Continental, Mercedes, Schäffler and VW, the electronics industry, the paper industry and, of course, the food and beverage industry with groups such as Migros, Nestlé, Tetra-Pack and Unilever.