More than a partner: A partner for the future.

Did you know that there are a number of benefits to being a Euroblock customer?

After all, Euroblock is your...

... partner for quality and innovation

  • Euroblock invented the composite block and is the market leader, with experience in production stretching back to 1977.
  • High-quality raw materials – we exclusively process sawmill residue from our own sawmills, where we use round timber from sustainably managed European forests and grade A1 and A2 recycled wood.
  • High-quality products – each block is pressed individually or using a single-line casting method (no rough surface, IPPC stamp more clearly visible)
  • Wide range of products – a variety of block dimensions for almost any pallet type; the optimum pallet block with optimum dimensions.

... guarantor of commercial success

  • We supply composite blocks and packaging timber from a single source – you can’t get more efficient than that!
  • Our own sawmills guarantee the reliable, ongoing supply of production units – Pfeifer currently ranks seventh worldwide in terms of sawmill capacity!
  • Multiple sites ensure optimum, reliable logistics!
  • Multiple sites and global sales guarantee high delivery capacity, flexible service and fast shipping

... driver of shared growth

  • We understand your business – we’re not just a supplier, we’re a partner in the pallet and packaging industry, and have been for over 30 years
  • In each partnership, we follow the win-win principle.
  • We run our own Quality Management and Innovation department, and are continuously investing in our own plants, so that we can offer the latest technology.

... service partner and trusted advisor

  • We have sites all over the world and regularly visit our customers to find out their needs and wishes.
  • We combine digitalised sales processes for greater efficiency with personalised consultations for partnerships on an equal footing.
  • We have insider industry expertise and share our extensive knowledge base with our customers, for example at regular customer events.
  • Our sales professionals can provide you with comprehensive advice on the product and industry environment, and include you in our successful network.

... ally for greater sustainability

  • Our parent companies, Pfeifer Group and Presswood International, produce high-quality products made from the renewable material timber which are proven to comply with the requirements of the Green Deal.
  • Euroblock focuses on a closed loop and 100% utilisation of the raw material timber.
  • From mid-2024 our new waste-wood recycling plant in Uelzen will contribute to making block production even more resource-efficient.
  • Euroblock is preparing intensively for the even stricter future reporting standards for companies in terms of the environment, corporate governance and working conditions.
  • Sustainability is firmly embedded and championed at all levels of the company.

You too can benefit from a partnership with Euroblock!