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Our guiding principle

Lasting values

Our guiding principle summarises our values in a compact form. In an economy characterised by dynamic developments and change it serves as a compass and anchor alike. This helps us to stay focussed on our targets on a way of continuity.

Our mission
  • We are a leading Central European wood-processing company.
  • We are a family-run business operated by the third generation.
  • We secure our independence through further development and growth.
  • Quality and customer satisfaction are at the centre of our activities.
  • Motivated employees are the basis of our success.
  • We employ clear decision making and leadership structures.
Our vision
  • In our role as a leading wood-processing company we aim to grow with our customers and international markets.
  • As a family-run company we strive to remain independent.
  • To secure our company and the achievement of our targets we must achieve sustainable economic success.
  • When it comes to our products we aim for market leadership, premium quality and efficiency for our customers.
  • We are open to new developments and carefully weigh opportunities and risks.
  • We aim to develop and safeguard material supply.
  • We aim to create a motivating work environment and promote our employees’ talents.
Our Values
  • We serve those who come after us and are driven by a mindset of sustainability and the careful handling of resources.
  • From our employees we expect technical and social competencies, honesty and fairness as well as the ability to work in a team and a sense of responsibility.
  • We are a reliable partner to our customers and suppliers.
  • Company interests outweigh individual interests.
  • We respect people, the environment, laws and rules. Planned action and professionalism govern our actions.
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