Passion for Timber

Features and advantages of Euroblock pallet blocks

Palettenklötze Liefervorteile
  • No splitting
  • Small space required for storage
  • Low need for repairs
  • High nail retention resistance
  • Longer service life
  • Constant quality
leichter Transport von Palettenklötzen
  • Very good safety for automatic pallet production and in computer-controlled high bay shelving warehouses
  • Ready for installation
  • More efficient production
  • No investment for crosscutting and planning equipment
  • No off-cuts, no waste
Wasserbeständige Palettenklötze
  • No drying costs – moisture content on delivery 8 %
  • True to size with uniform moisture content
  • Retains shape with fluctuating temperatures
Recyclbare Palettenklötze
  • Environmentally friendly timber product of natural coniferous chips and old timber/recycling material
  • Contains no CFCs
  • Biologically degradable
no solid wood Material für Palettenklötze
  • “No-solid-wood” material according to international regulations for the treatment of timber packaging – ISPM 15
  • No SIREX treatment required
  • No mould or insect damage
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