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For decades EUROBLOCK has set industry standards in terms of quality. Permanent monitoring by internal and external testing institutes and systems guarantees stability and load resistance for industrial use. Accordingly EUROBLOCK pallet blocks are used in open and closed pallet systems as well as merchandise management by large corporations.

Internal and external quality management

EUROBLOCK pallet blocks are produced on the basis of strict quality criteria. Besides permanent internal quality assurance the product is SGS approved. The SGS Group is among the leading product testing companies in the world.

SGS controlled

  • Density
  • Nail retention
  • Water absorption
  • Swelling
  • Cross tension
  • UIC / EPAL
  • APME
  • Glas industry
  • CHEP
EPAL licensed

The European Pallet Association’s (EPAL) seal allows the pallets to be used in Europe’s largest pallet pool and guarantees the load carriers’ quality. Besides EPAL Euroblock pallet blocks are being used in several large rental pools and by large end users

Sustainable forestry

The base material for the production of pallet blocks is sourced from sustainable forestry. All blocks are PEFC certified. PEFC is a transparent and independent system to guarantee sustainable forestry, making it an international “forest test certificate”. PEFC stands for “Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes”.