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EUROBLOCK pallet blocks

Products are there to solve problems. The Euroblock pallet block has been following this credo like no other product in the timber industry. For more than 40 years the composite pallet block has been the embodiment of the intelligent and efficient use of resources thanks to the power of innovation.

The strengths of EUROBLOCK

Woodchips from the processing of natural softwood and processed recycled wood chips serve as the solid basis of EUROBLOCK composite blocks. Both are pressed at high pressure and temperature. This yields a high-quality homogeneous wood material that can be further processed in various dimensions.

High nail retention

No insect infestation (no Sirex treatment required)

No cracking

No mould infestation

Retains its shape in changing temperatures

Remains dimensionally accurate at constant moisture

Waterproof lamination

Can be recycled or thermally utilised in authorised plants (Waste wood category A1)

Composite blocks offer crucial advantages over solid wood or plastic blocks – in both technical and economic terms.

Advantages of the EUROBLOCK pallet block


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