100 % value creation

Every wood chip has its value

Like no other wood product, the EUROBLOCK pallet block symbolises the intelligent and efficient handling of scarce resources.

Efficient resource management: In a closed value creation chain the pallet block is the link between the efficient use and a strategy of the total utilisation of the raw material that is round timber.

Apart from Euroblock’s pallet blocks sawmill residue is used in other processes to produce pellets, briquettes as well as green energy for power and heat generation.


100 % utilisation rate

The value creation chain in the three fully integrated sawmills of the Pfeifer Group in Unterbernbach, Lauterbach and Uelzen utilises the no-waste principle and is thus completely closed. In other words: The raw material that is wood is utilised in its entirety. Apart from all principles of ecology and economy, our deep-seated belief demands that.

We are driven by and our success is based on the resource-preserving use of the raw material that is wood.

Raw material & sustainability