Logistics & packaging

Packaging timber

Packaging timber is an indispensable part of international freight transport and goods protection. EUROBLOCK packaging timber meets strict requirements and all common standards.

Securely and sustainably packaged

Apart from pallet blocks EUROBLOCK also supplies packaging timber, mostly made of pine sourced from sustainable forestry. The material is cut using state-of-the-art chipper-canter lines at the three EUROBLOCK locations in Unterbernbach (D), Uelzen (D) and Lauterbach (D). State-of-the-art production systems and the expertise of our employees guarantee smooth surfaces, cutting accuracy and shape retention as well as exceptional quality assurance routines.

Packaging timber can be supplied fresh or artificially dried as is required for export packaging, for instance. Long goods or cut-to-size merchandise is available. Custom cuts as well as many other sizes are available upon request.

EUROBLOCK is capable of producing 700,000 m³ of packaging timber per year.