Raw material & sustainability

Residual and recycled
materials as valuable resources

EUROBLOCK stands for the careful use of natural resources. Utilising residual material from wood processing and using recycled wood complement our existing production cycles for a high-quality finish.

The future in view

The round timber used in our sawmills is exclusively sourced from sustainably managed forests. In the sense of cascade utilisation, no additional trees are felled for the production of composite blocks. Instead, accruing residual materials and recycled wood are used most efficiently. Only natural softwood is used for packaging timber.

This guarantees that wood as a renewable resource remains available to future generations.

The decisive CO2 advantage:
Ökostar EUROBLOCK pallet block

By using 1,000 Europallets, you improve your CO2 balance by 27.5 tons. This calculation is based on the average amount of wood used to produce a Europallet.

Wood, our
renewable resource

This is how sustainability is done

Durch die Verwendung von Sägerestholz und
Recycling-Holz für die Produktion von mehr als 1 Milliarde Palettenklötze pro Jahr werden jährlich ca. 2,5 Mio. Festmeter Holz eingespart – mehr als 3 Mio. Bäume.

Cutting 1 solid cubic metre of timber generates 0.4 m³ of residual wood. 

(= 40 %). At EUROBLOCK, this is entirely used to produce pallet blocks.

To our Performance capability

Closed value creation chain

The EUROBLOCK plants in Unterbernbach, Lauterbach and Uelzen are so-called “integrated” locations. This means that the entire production process takes place at a single sawmill site and that 100 % of the wood is utilised. The entire production cycle from receipt of round timber to end products follows the principle of a closed value creation chain. At the Ermelo location, EUROBLOCK uses recycled material. This allows for significant savings in the use of round timber.

1 billion pallet blocks from sawmill residue

Every year, EUROBLOCK produces 1 billion pallet blocks from sawmill residue. Some 2.2 million solid cubic metres of round timber would be required to produce the same amount of blocks from solid wood – equal to 3 million trees. Through the use of EUROBLOCK pallet blocks these trees can be used for products of higher quality – timber structures and furniture for instance – or saved altogether. The consistent use of sawmill residue and recycled wood prevents millions of trees from being felled.

Optimised logistics
and merchandise management

We guarantee just-in-time concepts for international markets.
We keep our powerful supply chain going with elaborate logistics concepts.

We guarantee delivery within two days after ordering in an area of approx. 800 km from our plants.

Our Performance capability