Sawn & profiled timber
Green power
Pallet blocks

In 2005, Pfeifer has acquired one of the most tradition rich companies of the German timber industry with the Heggenstaller company. Already in 1486 was mentioned in documents the operation of a gang saw in Unterbernbach.

Fully integrated site

In Unterbernbach we produce sawn timber, press board blocks, pellets and green power. As a fully integrated site, the Pfeifer plant in Unterbernbach processes 100% of the CO₂-neutral raw material. The cutting capacity is of 930,000 linear metres / year.

Thanks to the railway connection do the plant, every year 5,600 lorry rides are effectively saved.

Product fields and yearly capacities in Unterbernbach


EUROBLOCK Verpackungsholz GmbH
Mühlenstraße 7
D-86556 Unterbernbach

Tel. +49 8257 81 134
Fax: +49 8257 81 222



Yearly capacities:
Sawn timber & profiled timber: 560,000 m³
Pellets: 150,000 t
Green power: 75 millions kWh
Pallet blocks: 220,000 m³

Production at the plant since 1978
Employees: 280

From the mill to modern timber industry

The origin

The mills in Unterbernbach are mentioned for the first time in documents.

First saw mill

A water driven gang saw is also mentioned for the first time.

Flourishing site in hard times

In the middle of the thirties, Unterbernbach played certainly the role of a flourishing location of a flour, oil and saw mill.

1941 - 1972
Increasing capacities

From the saw mills to the saw plant – the quantity of yearly cut round timber grows in three decades from 1,500 to 41,000 cubic metres.

The workforce in around 1906

Mühle, Säge-, Hobel- und Plattenwerk 1951

Product innovation

The resourceful entrepreneur Anton Heggenstaller develops a new successful product for the logistic industry with the press board block created with sawdust.

A large investment

Through the construction of a large saw mill, the timber processing in Unterbernbach reaches a completely new dimension.

At home in a new caompany family

From Heggenstaller to Pfeifer – the owners change, the tradition and enthusiasm for the raw material timber remains the same.

With the construction of a biomass power plant and a pelletisation plant, Unterbernbach becomes a fully integrated site - 100% of delivered round timber is processed.

The cycle closes itself

In 2016
Technological lead

Thanks to the renovation of the sorting plant for sawn timber, Unterbernbach sets new standards in the quality control and efficiency of production processes.