Passion for Timber

Unterbernbach / Germany

At the Unterbernbach location in Bavaria we process approximately 930 000 running meter spruce and pine to sawn timber and molded pallet blocks for the pallet industry. Since 2007, eight pellet mills are producing approximately 100 000 tons pellets annually. The heat needed for drying the woodcuttings is generated by our new environmentally friendly biomass power station with a rated thermal input of 42 MW.

From mill to modern wood industry

  • The Unterbernbach mill was first officially mentioned in the Dukes of Wittelbach’s records in 1237.
  • 1638 First documentation of the saw mill
  • 1855 Paul Heggenstaller acquires the mill. “He bought the mill, 66 day of labor and the ‘saw miller rights’. The mill then had seven water wheels to power the mill.
  • 1876 Anton Heggenstaller takes over the company
  • 2005 Pfeifer Group acquires the company
  • 2012 Name change from Anton Heggenstaller GmbH to Pfeifer Holz GmbH
Pfeifer Werk in Unterbernbach


Sawn timber / 560.000 m³
Pallet blocks / 220.000 m³


Pfeifer Holz GmbH
Mühlenstraße 7
D-86556 Unterbernbach
Ph. +49 8257 81 0


Euroblock auf der Ligna 2017


Euroblock Forum 2017: The international pallet industry welcomed the invitation of the market leader from Unterbernbach




An innovative design, 40 years EST.


Dutch study compared the environmental impact of wood and plastic pallets

Your partner for efficient pallet and wood packaging production. Euroblock-Verpackungsholz GmbH is a sales association for wood packaging. The Dutch-German joint venture offers extensive know-how, first class service and optimised product segments.

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